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Head of Chef faculty Bruno Cardone


Italian Chef, Bruno Cardone, started his career in Switzerland’s hospitality sector at the renowned Les Roches Hotel Management School. It was there that he completed his Diploma in Hotel Operations and Bachelor of Business Administration. After graduation, Chef Cardone decided to pursue a career as a professional chef and moved to Hawaii in the United States, to gain his Associate Degree in Culinary Arts from the University of Hawaii. To complete his education, he finished a “Teaching and Learning in Higher Education” certificate so he would be able to pass his knowledge onto others. Since then, Chef Bruno Cardone has worked to constantly improve his skills. First, he worked at the high-end Four Seasons Hualalai hotel in Hawaii as a Sous Chef, then as a Private Catering Chef, followed by the Chef de Cuisine and finally the Restaurant Chef. With all of this experience, he was employed as the Chef Instructor at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts in Jordan and was then promoted to Senior Culinary Instructor. After his time in Jordan, Chef Cardone worked as the Campus Operations Manager at the Les Roches Chicago. Now, Chef Cardone leads the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia’s chef faculty team and continues to enrich students and staff alike with his outstanding experience and deep knowledge.


martin-tryChef faculty Martin Try

As a passionate Cambodian chef, Martin Try has more than 25 years of working experience in the hospitality and culinary sector. After living in Cambodia and France he decided to move to the United States. He began working at a restaurant called “La Bergerie” in San Francisco where he started with the basic cooking knowledge. Quickly developing his skills, he started growing his career in culinary arts. Since then, he has worked in many different renowned places such as “The Stanford Court Hotel” and “Beau Rivage” in Mississippi. In 1992, he opened his own restaurant called “Café Suzette” serving European cuisine and made managing/leading experiences in the following years. In the past 5 years, he worked for one of the most prestigious country clubs in Northern California.


Chef faculty Olivier Marteil

Before becoming a chef, Olivier Marteil was a teacher and consultant in the Business Studies sector for 15 years. During this period, he developed technical, communication and organizational skills. He also became experienced in pedagogy and methods of transferring knowledge as well as developing applied learning and examinations. As a chef, Mr. Marteil has developed his culinary career and gained experience internationally in France and the island and French Department, Réunion, in the Indian Ocean. Since 2013, Olivier has been working as a consultant with various organizations in Asia, including Hagar International in Phnom Penh.



Chef faculty Kittiya Janthakham

Thai/Swiss chef Kittiya Janthakham started her career in culinary arts by making an apprenticeship in one of the most famous 5-star hotels in Switzerland, the “Grand Resort Bad Ragaz”. After successfully getting her diploma, she started working in a traditional restaurant preparing Swiss dishes. After 1 year, she was invited to go to Bangkok, Thailand, and work for the “Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel” which also cooks for the King’s Palace. During this period, she had the chance to work together with the successful French 3-Michelin Star chef Arnaud Donckele.


 Chef faculty Ngeth Roues

ngeth-roues-thumbnail After completing his education as an electrician Kampot, Cambodia, Mr. Ngeth Roues decided to follow is true passion and moved to Paris, France. There, he had the opportunity to study bakery and pastry at the renowned Boulangerie Mauvieux. After graduating, he further developed his career by completing several training courses for ‘Macarons’, ‘Art du Chocolat’, ‘Glaces et Sorbets’ and more. In 2012, Mr. Ngeth Roues won the prize for the best baguette in town. It was a special moment in his culinary career and enhanced the already excellent reputation of the Boulangerie Mauvieux. Mr. Roues decided to leave Paris and return to his homeland, Cambodia, where he was hired by the famous Eric Kayser bakery. Now at ACAC, Mr. Roues is sharing his exceptional talent and knowledge with students.

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