ACAC restaurant gains strong reputation

By Nicole Loretan​​ | on Monday 12 December 2016​

The ACAC professional kitchen and barista bar were completed only a few weeks ago but are already gaining a strong reputation.

This week, the International Business Chamber of Cambodia (IBC) held a business dinner at the ACAC Barista bar. “The participants really enjoyed and praised the high quality of the food that was served,” said Nicole Loretan, Marketing Manager for ACAC.

Nine members attended the meeting and enjoyed a six-course dinner prepared by Markus and Matang.

First Course: White tomato mousse, BBQ carrot, crème fraiche, parma ham chip & basil oil
Second Course: Mango coconut foam
Third Course: Baked blue shrimp, sweet corn crème brûlée & lemon butter sauce
Fourth Course: Olive oil poached salmon, flageolet puree with celery & apple salad
Fifth Course: Blueberry marinated lamb rack with freekeh & pecorino sauce
Dessert: Zabaglione

Meeting space at the ACAC barista bar

Markus, ACAC dean, preparing the meal

6-course meal
6-course meal

One course of the 6-course meal

Dessert prepared by Markus and Matang

The IBC meeting in progress


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