ACAC Students’ First Day of Class

By Nicole Loretan​​ | on Tuesday 10 October 2017​

It was the first day of class for ACAC students. They’ve learned how to wear their uniforms, been welcomed by ACAC Dean, and gotten started in the kitchen. Here is a little tour of the first days of classes!

Everyone is happy because it was their first day of classes. Students stayed from the morning until evening and they enjoyed themselves a lot. They were enthusiastic to learn and paid attention to our faculty. The following pictures combined both the joy and passion from our second cohort of students.

First Day of Class at ACAC

Learning to wear uniforms

Welcome Remarks from ACAC Dean

Everyone gathered in the ACAC show room kitchen to receive instructions and a welcome from our Dean.

Pastry and Bakery Class

Everyone is starting to know each other and preparing to go further to reach the same goal.

Cold Kitchen Class

The cold kitchen is crowded by students who are waiting to learn and show their talent.

Cutting Class

In this class, students learn about each function of knives and how to work on both vegetables and meat.

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