Chef Spotlight – Kittiya Janthamkham

By Nicole Loretan​​ | on Wednesday 24 May 2017​

Chef Spotlight – Kittiya Janthakham brings Thai/Swiss heritage and experience to ACAC

chef-kittya-janthakhamKittiya Janthakham is a Thai/Swiss chef. She started her career in culinary arts with an apprenticeship in one of the most famous 5-star hotels in Switzerland, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. After successfully gaining her diploma, Chef Janthakham started working in a traditional restaurant preparing Swiss dishes.

One year later she was invited to go to Bangkok, Thailand to work for the Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel.  Not only is the Sukhothai Hotel a five-star establishment, it also cooks for the King’s Palace. Here, Chef Janthakham had the opportunity to work together with the successful 3-Michelin Star chef, Arnaud Donckele.

She now brings her experience and global perspective to the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia.

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