Chef Spotlight – Ngeth Roues

By Nicole Loretan​​ | on Friday 16 June 2017​

ngeth-roues-thumbnailNgeth Roues’ story began in the calm and quiet riverside community of Kampot, Cambodia, where he trained as an electrician. But after graduating from college, he knew that he had to follow his true passion: bakery and pastry.

He followed his heart and moved to Paris, France where he studied bakery and pastry at the renowned Boulangerie Mauvieux. After graduating, he further developed his career by completing several training courses for ‘Macarons’, ‘Art du Chocolat’, ‘Glaces et Sorbets’ and more.

One of the most special moments in his culinary career was the day Mr. Ngeth Roues created the best baguette in town. That was in 2012 and it was excellent for the Boulangerie Mauvieux’s reputation. To this day, the establishment still spreads the word!

This is how travel writer, Ann Mah, described Mr. Roues’ creation:

“Ngeth mixed, kneaded, shaped, and formed the winning baguettes, just as he creates every one of the baguettes the Boulangerie sells. The result is a golden crusted, honeycomb crumbed beauty, a marvel of crunch and chew.”

It was a great loss for Mr. Mauvieux when Ngeth Roues decided to leave Paris and return home to Cambodia. But, the decision was made and Mr. Roues was hired by the famous Eric Kayser bakery. He worked there until 2017 when he joined the ACAC as chef faculty. He now shares his exceptional talent and knowledge about bakery and pastry with ACAC students.

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