Chocolate Soufflé Tart

By KUN PUTHY​​ | on Friday 9 August 2019​

Chocolate soufflé tart with candied olives and red wine-butter ice cream


Tart dough
Bread Flour 0.25 kg
Butter 0.16 kg
Sugar 0.1 kg
Almond, ground 0.03 kg
Egg 0.07 kg
Chocolate powder 0.025 kg
Tart filling  
Butter 0.231 kg
Chocolate, dark 0.255 kg
Egg yolk 0.113 kg
Sugar, granulated 0.02 kg
Flour 0.005 kg
Egg white 0.18 kg
Sugar, granulated 0.005 kg
Candied Olives  
Sugar 0.2 kg
Water 0.2 liter
Olives (pieces) 0.1     kg

Red wine butter ice cream

Burgundy Red Wine 0.375 liter
Vanilla aroma 0.003 liter
Egg yolk 0.125 kg
Sugar 0.085 kg
Butter 0.125kg

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