Cooking the food of the world, right here in Cambodia

By Nicole Loretan​​ | on Wednesday 25 April 2018​

Cooking is closely connected with human life and culture because we need food to survive and maintain our health. In the past, homemade cooking saw people enjoy eating and share their stories at the table. This concept expanded all over the world so that now people  eat outside of the home for business, family and personal reasons. There are many academies, universities and institutes that provide both formal and informal cooking courses for thousands of student every year.

Cambodia is one of the greatest destinations for tourism growth in Asia and industries like hotels, restaurants and entertainment resorts have grown. The Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia was established in late 2016 to bring world-class culinary arts education to Cambodia through its two-year culinary arts diploma program.

Located in the centre of Phnom, the Academy’s curriculum is recognized by local and international institutions and offers both practical and theoretical learning as well as top-notch internships opportunities in order to produce future chefs who will address the needs of Cambodia’s hospitality and hotel sector.


Our students are enjoy studying here because they learn the technical skills and shape their interpersonal skills, which are crucial for future success. Currently, more than 60 students are studying the Academy’s diploma program. Enrollment is now open for the fourth 2-year diploma cohort who will begin courses in May 2018.


What is your passion? If you love cooking, join us to make your dream come true!! ACAC is your best choice !!





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