Exploring global food and beverage trends – #foodfadstofollow

By Nicole Loretan​​ | on Wednesday 12 October 2016​

Pursuing Excellence

At the Academy of Culinary Arts, we take our mission and vision seriously. We aim to deliver the best culinary training possible. How do we do it? By pursuing excellence in practice and professionalism and by ensuring that the academic and hands-on learning we offer reflects current trends in the contemporary culinary industry.

Knowing the trends

Keeping up with current movements in the culinary arts is part of this. We recently shared more about food trends that are helping to feed a growing global population and reduce malnutrition. Now we’re eager to explore in more depth some of the newest developments in the food and beverage industry.

Join us on this journey of learning!


[:en]Black is the new green – #foodfadstofollow Part 1[:]

[:en]Fat is back: #foodfadstofollow part 2[:]

[:en]Slow Food: #foodfadstofollow part 3[:]

[:en]Bring on the bowl – Part 4 #foodfadstofollow[:kh]ការនាំយកមកដាក់លើចានរបស់អ្នក – ភាគទី៤ #អាហារសម្រាប់ការតមអាហារ[:]

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