The infrastructure of the academy promises a high performance atmospehre for our students

The campus is strategically located in the heart of the capital city, Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh is the nation’s centre of economic and industrial activity, as well as the centre of security, politics, cultural heritage and diplomacy of Cambodia.


Kitchens :

  • 1 Hot Kitchen with an
    Asian section
  • 1 Pastry Kitchen
  • 1 Cold Kitchen
  • 1 Preparation kitchen

Classrooms :

  • Library with study room
  • 4 classrooms, each with a capacity of 20 seats
  • Barista Bar
  • Showroom Kitchen with 60 seats

Dining Areas :

  • 1 Student Restaurant
  • 1 VIP Restaurant
  • 1 Café

Computers are provided for student use in the library, for research and study purposes. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the campus.

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