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Culinary Arts Diploma

The Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia blends the desired skills and competencies of the 21st-century kitchen with the latest technology and trends. The Academy combines the culinary arts program with internships in internationally-recognized hotels, and it’s the perfect recipe for a successful and creative hospitality career! During your studies, you will develop an appreciation of culinary philosophies, skills and modern trends, and increase your insight into the Swiss gourmet world. You will build on your skills and knowledge as you move through the courses. Small-sized and practical classes allow you to work both individually and as a part of a team under the expert guidance and personal attention of the Academy’s chef instructors.

2 Year Diploma
Year 1 Year 2
Semester 1 (21 weeks)
On campus
Semester 3 (21 weeks)
On campus
Semester 2 (21 weeks)
Semester 4 (21 weeks)
Semester outline
Weekly breakdown Teaching hours  Teaching ratio
1 Week induction 5 days/week 60% practical = 342 hrs.
19 Weeks classroom 6 hours/Day
1 Week final exam Total of 570 contact
40 Theory = 228 hrs.
Total of  21 weeks  per
Total of 570 contact

Bakery and Pastry Program

This program develops your passion for the specialist fields of pastry and bakery arts. From the traditional through to today’s modern recipes and trends, you will learn to prepare and present a wide range of breads, pastries and desserts like a real pastry chef. You will also be exposed to the intricacies of chocolate and confectionery preparation and presentation.

Skills Upgrading

The Academy offers short-term courses and professional skills development classes for current hospitality staff who are seeking to enhance their skills and experience. These tailor-made courses provide the perfect platform for industry professionals to further develop their skills. The courses address the needs of the industry for training in the hospitality sector.

Short Courses for Non-Professionals

These courses are for food lovers and people with a passion for cooking. No previous experience required! The Academy offers a variety of different cooking classes throughout the year for non-professional chefs who wish to enhance their culinary skills. For detailed programs and dates please refer to our calendar and/or Facebook page.

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