Win an ACAC Scholarship!

By Nicole Loretan​​ | on Tuesday 10 July 2018​


Good News! You Can Win A Scholarship!!!


Ready? Here are the details:

  1. Make a short (2-minute max) video about a dish you love.
  2. Head over to our Facebook Page and share your video with us.

It’s as easy at that.

The chefs at the Academy are going to look at your creation and they expect to see how you are:

  • organized
  • time efficient
  • clear in communicating your message about your recipe
  • and the creative aspect of your dish!

The best creation will take the winning prize which will be announced on the Academy’s Open House event held on July 21st BEST OF LUCK!!

To register for the Open House (seats go quickly!) call 011 767 136 or text us via Facebook Messenger!

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