Thriving on Creativity

SORN Sovanthen, Villa 5 Contemporary Cuisine, Cambodia
– Why did you decide to pursue a career in hospitality?
I decided to pursue a career in hospitality because of the wide diversity of professions and the great opportunities within the industry. Also, we cannot live without food; therefore, there will also be a demand…

We are turning 6 this Year!

The Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia is celebrating its 6th anniversary and there’s no sign of slowing down in the new year! Our kitchen labs are busier than ever. Whipping up homemade soups, chopping vegetables …

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More Space, Better Learning!!

While the ACAC’s student intake numbers steadily grow, the theory classrooms and practical kitchen facilities on campus are becoming busier and busier. As a reaction to the increasing student numbers, the Academy of Culinary Arts …

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