ACAC students cater for the Institut français du Cambodge

Today, the ACAC students were kept busy catering for a special event at the Institut français du Cambodge (IFC) learning valuable skills they can put to use in their future careers in the industry.

The occasion for this catering learning opportunity was the second cultural season called “the Leftovers of the Leftovers”, presented by the IFC.

The exhibition with its prelude on April 20, 2023, and continuing until June 21, 2023, brings together several videos, pictures and art, highlighting waste management and our relationship to consumption. Visitors will discover the life of our waste once thrown away; from sorting to the collection, through recycling and transformation… to their
environmental impact and their consequences on our health.

The Academy’s contribution to this event marks the beginning of further future collaboration between the ACAC and the IFC.

Mr. Bruno Cardone, Dean of the Academy, appreciates this new cooperation and highlights the learning outcome of the students while participating in the event.

“They gain valuable insight into the hospitality industry as such a catering includes the development of the menu, the calculation of the food quantities, the purchasing of the ingredients, the actual food preparation, the transportation, logistics and finally the presentation and service”.

He further aligns the topic of the exhibition, “The Leftovers of the Leftovers”, with the importance of food waste management in the professional kitchen.

“Reducing food waste makes sense on more than one level. Ecological, social and cultural aspects all play into the need to get the most out of our ingredients. For chefs, however, reducing food waste is also just common sense: we have to make the economics of our restaurant work. Wasting food means wasting money, and it is important for our students to understand the value of the ingredients and learn how to run an efficient, cost-effective kitchen”.

All those aspects were taken into consideration by the ACAC’s chefs and students when creating the menu for this special evening.

Student Rith Pisseth, currently joining the basic semester at the Academy, was happy saying that they received very positive feedback from both the guests and the event organizer.

“It was very nice being part of this exhibition tonight and getting an experience off the campus as well. For many of us basic students, this was the first ‘real-life’ exercise and an introduction to our upcoming internships in June”.

If you are also interested in becoming part of the hospitality industry and joining the ACAC student group, the enrollment for our next term starting on June 19, 2023, is open now on this page.


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