Building Confidence to Become a Head Chef

You Kimhout, Triple L Fine Dining, Cambodia

– How does your everyday work look like?
Different every day! Of course, there are a few procedures that remain the same each day but generally speaking our days at the Triple L Fine Dining are very diverse and require lots of flexibility and creativity.

– What do you like most about working at the Triple L Fine Dining?
I very much like this diversity I mentioned before. It never gets boring, and you learn new things every day. But I also really enjoy our performance as a team.  We are perfectly coordinated as a group and when I joined the team after my graduation, they helped me to further develop my confidence and work towards my career as a head chef.

– What’s your goal for the future?
I believe that as a professional in gastronomy I must be creative to provide innovative dishes to the diners, and one of my main goals is to invent new recipes.

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