JOB ANNOUNCEMENTS Academy of Culinary Arts – Cambodia (ACAC)


Shift 360, a Swiss Foundation with representation in Cambodia, has received grants from the Swedish International Development Cooperation (Sida) and the Enhanced Integrated Framework/WTO (EIF) to support the development of the Academy of Culinary Arts – Cambodia (ACAC.) ACAC will train chefs for the Hospitality sector based on ASEAN standards. ACAC has been established by the Royal Government of Cambodia as a Cambodian Public Private Partnership. ACAC will be governed by a nine-member Board including senior Government officials and Representatives of the hospitality sector associations. Once operational, ACAC will deliver a post-high school two-year certificate program as well as short-term training/retraining programs on-campus and off-campus for professionals already employed in the sector.

Position Available and Qualifications:

  1. Culinary Instructor
  2. English Instructor
  3. Marketing Enrollment Coordinator

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