From Student to Restaurant Owner

MA Sosereyboth, The Old House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  • Before graduating from ACAC last year, you did an internship in France. Can you tell us about how it influenced your culinary style?

My internship in France was an eye-opening experience. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in French culinary techniques and explore various flavors. It broadened my perspective and refined my skills, which heavily influenced the fusion style of Cambodian Chinese Cuisine I offer in my restaurant today.

  • What inspired you to open your own restaurant, and how has it been since you launched it?

The inspiration behind opening my own restaurant stemmed from my desire to share my culinary creations with others. I wanted to create a space where people could experience the unique blend of traditional Cambodian and Chinese flavors. Since launching, it’s been an incredible journey filled with challenges and rewards. Seeing patrons enjoy my food and the positive feedback I’ve received has been incredibly fulfilling.

  • What aspirations do you have for your restaurant and your culinary career in the future?

My aspirations for my restaurant are to continually innovate and refine our menu, offering guests new and exciting culinary experiences. I also aim to expand my restaurant’s reach, potentially opening additional locations in different cities. As for my culinary career, I aspire to continue learning and growing, perhaps even participating in culinary competitions or collaborations with other chefs to further elevate my skills and repertoire.

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