Higher Education Fair to help students find their calling

With the year 2022 slowly turning towards the end, hundreds of high school students are preparing themselves for their final high school exams in December and are facing an exciting yet challenging decision regarding their future career path.

Being aware of this difficult decision the students will have to make, the free-to-enter Higher Education Fair has been organized and is taking place today and tomorrow, October 15 -16, from 9 am to 9 pm at the Olympia Shopping Mall.

The 2-day event comes up with one of the best opportunities for the graduating students, as well as potential career changers, to discover their dream program or to get a feel of suitable study- and career options within Cambodia and overseas.

During this weekend, various institute representatives are present under one roof to guide its young visitors with appropriate study programs based on their interests and potentials as well as on admission processes and possible scholarship applications. There is accessible information on a wide range of subjects from each institution, meaning every student who attends will be able to find out how best to pursue their passion.

The Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia is also present with a booth and strongly supports the Higher Education Fair understanding the importance of discovering passion and potential in order to make the right career choice:

– Why is it important that students should have a better decision on their major selection during high school and after graduation?

Exploring different majors and career opportunities before graduating from high school enables students to fit in their interests and learn more about a field, they’re genuinely interested in further exploring and developing as professionals.
It is extremely important for students to understand their passion and identify their individual strengths to have access and clarity about the educational path they will endeavor. Early key choices enable students to be dedicated and consistent during their course of studies.

– What is the Academy suggesting to students when it comes to major selection?

It is often seen that parents have an influence on their children’s study path and particularly with a focus in the field of Law, Medicine, or other University specializations.

On the contrary, many youths today base their choices on what education could offer to them in terms of lifestyle or life commitment, considering much of the time that they will have to invest before reaching a professional prospect.

Our suggestions when it comes to choosing an area of major are the following:

  • Personal interest in the field and not forgetting the element of passion and lifelong commitments
  • Individual strengths and nurture natural talents
  • Employment opportunities and salary structure achievable at graduation time
  • Choosing the best Institution and ensuring the choice is sustainably made
  • Creating individual long-term goals by achieving progressive academic success (opportunities for growth and development)

– What do you think of the Higher Education Fair? Why is it useful for students and the ACAC to participate?

Educational fairs provide prospective students with the opportunity to explore various majors and career path possibilities and to meet higher education representatives. You can receive course and career advice, academic entry requirements, application counselling and learn about scholarship opportunities. As well as personally being introduced to our campus and facilities and having the chance to experience first-hand what the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia can do for you.

Enrollment for our upcoming semester starting on December 21, 2022, is open!

Embarking in a new course of study is one of the most exciting and important times of each individual’s life as it encompasses opportunities and potential to turn a dream into reality. It is the time in which the decision to self-commitment will lead to a journey that will transform one’s life.

Joining the hospitality industry will allow you to choose a variety of career opportunities and the possibility to travel, experience new cultures and embark into a vibrant and talent-oriented environment.

Enrol now: https://acac.edu.kh/application-process/

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