On the Gateway to the World

LAY Sambath, Westminster University, UK

– How did the ACAC prepare you for your further studies in London?
During my ACAC internship in Spain, I discovered my interest in catering and events and I knew I wanted to go into that direction. The skills, knowledge, experience, and capabilities that I acquired during my study time, allowed me to become self-confident and determined to further develop into a true hospitality professional and take my career to an international level.

– What are the main subjects in your current Tourism and Events Management BA?
My current studies explore the relationship between tourism, events, and the wider environment, developing the skills you need to successfully evaluate and manage tourism and stage events in host destinations. Similar to the ACAC’s curriculum, the course is designed to provide practical elements with theoretical understanding.

– How is your life as a student in London?
London is a very diverse city which means that you meet with different cultures. You can mix with people from around the world and learn so much more than just what you are studying for your degree.

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