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Chef Otto Weibel

Chef Otto Weibel graduated with a Swiss federal diploma in culinary arts from Switzerland. With this solid educational foundation, he embarked on an international career as a chef and has worked for some of the best hotel chains worldwide. Over the past 26 years, Chef Otto Weibel has held high profile positions in the hospitality industry, including the Director of Kitchen for the Fairmont & Swissotel in Singapore. Currently he is partner and Director of Ottscott PYE LTD in Singapore.

With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, Chef Otto Weibel is one of the most well-known chefs in the world. His dedication and passion for the culinary world has made him an inspiration and mentor for young chefs, raising the standards and profile of local chefs. Because of his passion for the profession, he was awarded the “WGS Awards of Excellence lifetime Achievement Award” and the “Chef Restauranteur of the Year from the International Food & Beverage Forum”. To become a great culinary professional, it takes a great culinary education, practical training in the most reputable establishments, and guidance every step of the way by mentors who care about students and are passionate about food. At the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia you will find all the resources and inspiration you need to become a successful hospitality professional. There is always a demand for competent and creative chefs, and doors of opportunity await around every corner. With a diploma from the Academy, you are on the fast track to professional success.

Santo Zoppi

“As a chef I have achieved all I have ever dreamed of and it is equally attainable for all of you” Training as a chef is the passport to your future. During the past 34 years working in Asia, during which I have worked for several multinational companies, I have met many talented Asian chefs, and I truly believe that with the right culinary foundation and knowledge, many more Asians have great potential to become world-renowned culinary professionals.

The high-performance learning environment of the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia equips talented Asian youth with the necessary skills to jump-start their career in an exciting and vibrant industry. There is no other profession that can provide such a variety of career paths and opportunities. Culinary graduates who have the right attitude and the passion to achieve will be rewarded with unmatched career prospects. I had the great chance to be able to learn from some leading executive chefs during my career. It is now my duty and privilege to extend my expertise to young chefs who are eager to learn.

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