Taking it to the next academic level

CHHIEN Ousa, Imperial International Hotel College, Vietnam

  • You decided to further broaden your horizon and study restaurant and hotel management in Vietnam, please tell us more!

I love the world of hospitality and decided to further extend my knowledge in this field. Through the collaboration between the ACAC and the Imperial International Hotel College, I got the opportunity to enroll and receive a scholarship for the restaurant and event management program here in Vũng Tàu.

  • What do you enjoy most about hospitality?

I enjoy hospitality for many reasons. First of all, it is so diverse that it seems to be the culmination of all the skills we can learn. This industry provides such a wide range of career pathways suiting every possible kind of skills and interests. And I love working with people, guests and colleagues, from different backgrounds and cultures.

Also, it’s an industry that is creative, innovative, fast-paced, service-oriented and offers you global opportunities.

  • What are the top characteristics of being good at what you do?

I would say, good communication, organization, attention to detail, curiosity and willingness to learn. And of course, enjoy what you do. Hospitality usually comes with non-traditional shifts which can sometimes be tiring. Loving what you do will make those long hours fly.

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