A Reason to Celebrate! The ACAC receives WORLDCHEFS Recognition

The Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia is the first school in Cambodia to receive the Recognition of Quality Education from the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), an international endorsement renowned in the culinary world!

“We are extremely delighted and honoured to meet the high standards required to become part of such a distinguished and dynamic global network. This recognition underlines the world-class quality of our academic programs, our training facilities, and our chef faculty team here at the ACAC. We are proudly looking forward to greater collaboration and synergies with the Worldchefs as we consistently continue to further develop our academy as a global leader in hospitality education”

About the Worldchefs Association and Recognition

The Worlds Association of Chefs Society (WACS), also known as Worldchefs, is a dynamic global network founded in 1928, in France, representing chefs at all levels and across all specialities, dedicated to maintaining and improving the culinary standards of cuisines around the globe.

The network presently includes over 100 chef associations worldwide committed to advancing the profession and leveraging the influence of the chef jacket for the betterment of the industry and humanity at large.

The Worldchefs Recognition of Quality Culinary Education Program seeks to recognize educational companies, associations and institutions which offer culinary and pastry art programs of various designs and sizes and meet or exceed global standards for quality culinary education as established by the Worldchefs Education Committee.

It is a landmark program that officially recognizes high standards in Culinary Education and training by schools on an international level.

Recognized companies, associations and institutions share in the future development of Worldchefs global standards as the list of recognized programs continues to expand around the world”.
Read more: https://worldchefs.org/education-partners/

ACAC Dean Bruno Cardone about receiving the Worldchefs Recognition

How do you feel about being officially recognized by Worldchefs?

The ACAC’s faculty and the entire team are very proud and delighted to receive the Recognition of Quality Culinary Education certification and obtain such positive feedback from the Worldchefs experts. It is a great motivation to continue delivering the best culinary training in terms of excellence, practice and professionalism that reflects the contemporary culinary industry and current trends.

Why was it important for you to join this network and seek recognition?

Being a WACS-certified academy and member of this network verifies that we are skillfully preparing the next generation of culinary professionals and shows potential employers that our students have gained a certain set of skills and knowledge which differentiates them in the industry.

What are your expectations in terms of future collaboration with WACS?

Hospitality is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries. Today it ranks as the largest employer in the world, representing 1 in every 10 jobs. Yet, employment in the industry can be a challenge for businesses and workers alike. Joining the World Association of Chefs Societies will provide us with international visibility and a gateway to global culinary networking opportunities such as the landmark biennial Worldchefs Congress and Expo, for example. WACS also runs the prestigious Global Chef Challenge which is a great learning opportunity and experience for ACAC faculty and students to participate in.

Joining the upcoming intake in December

Embarking on a new course of study is one of the most exciting and important times of each individual’s life as it encompasses opportunities and potential to turn a dream into reality. It is the time in which the decision to self-commitment will lead to a journey that will transform one’s life. Joining the hospitality industry will allow you to choose a variety of career opportunities and the possibility to travel, experience new cultures and embark on a vibrant and talent-oriented environment.

Are you interested in becoming part of this international community and joining our culinary program?

The registration for our next intake in December is open now and we are looking forward to receiving your application!


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