Our ACAC Alumni

Flourishing and engaged alumni are a visible indicator for the success of our practice-led vision. Our alumni have the practical intelligence, skills and experience that give substance to this vision. Through their engagement and exchange, our current students can draw on their experience of solving problems in the real world and learn how to thrive and deliver in a professional environment.

As an ACAC student, alumnus YOU Kimhout, who graduated in 2020, has interned at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel in Dubai, and is now sharing his experiences with active students in preparation to their internship in the UAE.

Meet ACAC’s alumni

On the Gateway to the World

LAY Sambath, Westminster University, UK
– How did the ACAC prepare you for your further studies in London?
During my ACAC internship in Spain, I discovered my interest in catering and events and I knew I wanted to go into that direction. The skills, knowledge, experience, and capabilities that I acquired during my study time, allowed me to become…

Living the Arabian Dream

SETH Sivorn, Pierich Dubai, UAE
– Why did you choose to work in Dubai?
I’ve experienced Dubai during my internship at the ACAC and I was very impressed with the professionalism and the modern ambience in that city. Everything moves fast and there are so many opportunities to grow and make a career…

On the Path to Success

Osorio Juan, Marriott Cancun Resort, Mexico
– What are your responsibilities as chef supervisor at the Marriot?
I’m responsible for the supervision of all the areas during the dinner shifts: The cafeteria for our employees, the main kitchen, commissary and butcher kitchen, room service, our pizzeria and our speciality restaurant, the Hana Polynesian Grill. I’m doing…

Proving and Improving Every Single Day

TIT Makara, Petit Gateau, Cambodia
– What do you enjoy most about running your own business?
Running my own business allows me to enjoy lifestyle flexibility because I can create my own schedule. And the personal satisfaction! For me, running my own business is the pursuit of a life-long dream. It allows continued personal growth…

Commitment to Life-Long Learning

SUN Chansoriya, Topaz, Cambodia
– How is it to work at a fine dining restaurant?
I would say it is incredibly demanding but rewarding at the same time. You consistently need to perform on a high level as the standards for freshness and quality are non-negotiable. And it can be exhausting with long working hours and…

The Private Island Life

SOY Ravy, Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia
– What’s your favourite memory from your time at the ACAC?
My favourite memory is related to the people at the ACAC. I found it was so easy to connect with people and make friends because we all share a love of food and of cooking. And the Chefs are all amazing, you feel comfortable asking any…

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