ACAC alumna THARA Theany is fulfilling her lifelong dream

Earlier this year, graduating student Theany, was facing a challenging situation. After the worldwide lockdown, finally being able to travel back to Cambodia from France, where she absolved her internship at the renowned restaurant Domaine …

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The ACAC re-opened its doors

With pleasure, we announce the re-opening of the ACAC. After several months of online teaching, we are delighted to see our students returning back to campus and bringing back life into our classrooms and kitchens. …

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The Private Island Life

SOY Ravy, Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia
– What’s your favourite memory from your time at the ACAC?
My favourite memory is related to the people at the ACAC. I found it was so easy to connect with people and make friends because we all share a love of food and of cooking. And the Chefs are all amazing, you feel comfortable asking any…