ACAC Open House Event – A Huge Success!

Today has been a special day at the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia, chefs and students have been busy for days preparing food for the Open Day, which happens twice a year and marks the beginning of a new Calendar semester of learning at the Academy.

Plenty of collaborative culinary activities have been planned ahead and organized by the ACAC team, the academy’s campus got beautifully decorated with colorful flowers and balloons.

Today, the 8th of May 2022, the Academy opened its doors early morning to a number of over 500 visitors joining the Event, everyone got the opportunity to learn more about the program, explore the facilities, meet the chef instructors, and further enquire about the potential of joining the profession, and the hospitality industry.

Visitor Pich Sreylin, currently enrolled in grade 12, who was making her own sugar rose in the Barista bar mentioned:

“I first felt a little nervous to attend ACAC’s Open Day not knowing anyone there. But as soon as I arrived, my concerns were gone, everyone made me feel really welcome right away. I got the opportunity to talk face-to-face with some of the students, attend info sessions and participate in their activities which was really fun and interesting”.

Among the activities were a sugar rose modelling contest, a painting challenge using edible colour bases made out of coffee, beetroot and turmeric, eclair decorating in the bakery and a trifle creativity contest in the pastry.

As a special guest, Khmer influencer Sreynea, herself a student at the AUPP, also visited the event and was highly impressed by the professionalism of the chefs and students coordinating the activity. As well she could savor the food and interact with the Academy’s guests.

Another visitor was especially excited about the molecular gastronomy workshop, presented by the Dean of the ACAC Bruno Cardone together with Sreynea and Chef Bunlong:

“I was so impressed with what is possible with food by applying modern techniques! It’s like, your “ice cream” is actually served hot but then melts in your mouth or you eat something looking like caviar to discover it’s actually melon. For me, it was a completely new taste experience. Impressive!”

The event proved such a success, that visitor SOK Phearum made her decision to enroll for the next term starting on May 23 and become an ACAC student.

“I think it’s so important to see and experience where you’re going to study. When I was shown around the facilities today, I knew right away that this would be exactly where I envision to study. This school has a certain atmosphere which is really different from other places I visited before. I felt such a warm welcome from everyone, and there was a lot of positive energy on campus. This was the moment I realized that the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia is the right choice for me.”

The entire ACAC team, chefs and students are looking forward to the next term starting on May 23, 2022, and to welcoming the new generation of chefs on the ACAC board!

More information about our next intake and the application process you will find on this page.

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