ACAC Prepares Students for Culinary Industry

Some students dream of being the next “Top Chef”. With its top-notch program, the Academy helps them on their way. The ACAC prepares students for culinary industry.

Why is the ACAC the best academy to choose?

Approach to Learning

Through its dual-education approach, the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia combines the theoretical and practical alongside craft-based learning, and internships in recognized hotels, restaurants, and related institutions. This fosters academic knowledge and vocational skills. Plus, the curriculum, developed by SHL, is diverse and tailored to the needs of the Cambodian hospitality industry and the Academy’s future students. The Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia blends the desired skills and competencies of the 21st-century kitchen with the latest technology and trends. It’s the perfect recipe for a successful and creative hospitality career!  Throughout their studies, students develop an appreciation of culinary philosophies, skills and modern trends, and increase their insight into the Swiss gourmet world.


Teaching Methods

The Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia’s teaching methods includes lectures and tutorials, in-kitchen training and practice, market visits, live cooking demonstrations, teamwork/group discussions and case studies. It ensures students access both classroom and theory-based education as well as real work experience.

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Developing Future Chefs

The Academy ensures that its graduating students possess valuable transferable skills, such as discipline, respect for all, truthfulness, adaptability, the spirit to accomplish, and motivation for lifelong learning. The Academy provides education to students of any race, nationality, sex, religion or belief who have completed a high school program. Students will build on their skills and knowledge as they move through the courses. Small-sized and practical classes allow students to work both individually and as a part of a team under the expert guidance and personal attention of the Academy’s chef instructors.


If you wish to become the next chef, join us to grow your career path.

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