ACAC’S 2022 Spring Graduation

“This graduation is the celebration of our students’ success, but it also marks the beginning of their careers. From the bottom of our culinary hearths, we wish success, health, and happiness to all of our graduates!”

Thursday, March 31, 2022. Hats off to the graduating class of spring 2022! The last few years were marked by the pandemic, and it has been some time since we have last been able to come together in person and celebrate such an event. We are, therefore, all the more delighted to be here together today. After a long period of lockdowns and online teaching, the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia is most happy and proud to see its students graduating successfully!

Honoured by the presence of the hospitality entrepreneur Mr. Luu Meng, President of the Cambodian Tourism Federation (CTF) and the Professional Institute of Excellence Association (PIE), Mr. Arnaud Darc, Founder and CEO of Thalias Group and the Treasurer of PIE and Mr. Din Somethearith, Co-founder & CEO at The Frangipani Hotel Group and President of the Cambodian Hotel Association (CHA), the graduation ceremony was held at the Academy’s campus and the students proudly received their 2 diplomas in culinary arts; one from the Swiss Hotel Management School Lucerne (SHL) and one recognized by the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) and ASEAN certified.

The ceremony marked a moment of joy, emotions, and confidence! The Dean of the ACAC, Mr. Bruno Cardone, delivered the opening speech and addressed the graduating students:

“After two years of spending time together and learning valuable skills and knowledge, what you will take away from this session is to remember: before embarking on your professional journey, keep your minds open to learning, work smart and work hard and find happiness in what you do!

It has been a real pleasure to have met you all and have had the opportunity to work and develop our culinary steps together. Being convinced that you all have gained the prerogatives and baggage of learning needed to place you in the real and tangible professional world, I bid you farewell and wish you all the very best in your future endeavours. I am very proud of you ACAC GRADUATES!”

The graduation ceremony continued with the guests- and student speeches, the distribution of the diplomas, chef hats and medals for the best academic achievements and ended with a photo shooting cocktail reception, prepared by the ACAC’s chefs and students.

Graduating student Sath Dalin mentioned:

“I can surely speak for myself and for my classmates saying that the event today was one of the most exciting and important moments in our lives. Being a successful student requires much training, learning experience, hard work and commitment. And this is all as challenging as it is exciting sometimes. Especially during the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic, the periods of lockdown and online learning from home, staying confident and motivated was not always easy and many of us felt uncertain whether we would be able to make it or break it.

But as hard as those moments were, as separated as we were physically, those challenges actually brought us together as a group, making us become a family. And being here all together today, enjoying that very moment, just feels amazing”.

Graduation is not a feat that everyone manages to accomplish. Many of our students have left behind family, friends, and hometowns in an endeavour for higher education in the hospitality field. They enrolled on the Academy’s culinary diploma program, seeing an opportunity to achieve greater financial stability, an opportunity to embrace their specific field of study and take personal flight into higher elevations. And here they are now, starting to have an impact as industry professionals in hospitality.

“To our graduating students, congratulations on this enormous achievement. You’ve shown us, again and again, the real meaning of outstanding. Remember that this is not a goodbye, it’s a farewell.

As part of the global hospitality family, you will now understand the true meaning of this dynamic industry and you will be able to make the world a better place based on your authentic excellence, empathy, and enthusiasm”.

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