Proving and Improving Every Single Day

TIT Makara, Petit Gateau, Cambodia

– What do you enjoy most about running your own business?
Running my own business allows me to enjoy lifestyle flexibility because I can create my own schedule. And the personal satisfaction! For me, running my own business is the pursuit of a life-long dream. It allows continued personal growth, pride, and fulfilment.

– What challenges are you facing?
It requires a lot of time commitment. The freedom of working on your own time and having your own lifestyle is there but it is often sacrificed to ensure the business’ success. And you are running it at your own risk. Every day, you have to prove and improve yourself.

– What is your recommendation for a successful career?
Choosing the right path is never easy, but the biggest and most important steps are the ones that can change the course of your life. I encourage everyone to follow their passion and dreams and to remember that no aspiration is too big or too small.

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