On the Path to Success

Osorio Juan, Marriott Cancun Resort, Mexico

– What are your responsibilities as chef supervisor at the Marriot?
I’m responsible for the supervision of all the areas during the dinner shifts: The cafeteria for our employees, the main kitchen, commissary and butcher kitchen, room service, our pizzeria and our speciality restaurant, the Hana Polynesian Grill. I’m doing the orders, distribution of food products to the cooks, writing reports, budgets, and schedules, checking the mainline before service etc.

– What matters to you the most as you serve your guests?
Most of our guests are regular guests who have been staying with us many times over the past years, so it is very important for us to maintain consistent quality standards and anticipate their needs. The most important is to make them feel welcome and provide them with an exceptional experience.

– What are your future aspirations?
I would love to further contribute and develop myself within this company, achieving a corporate position.

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