Chocolate Fondant

More than one chef has claimed to have invented this irresistible dessert with a decadent liquid centre and a soft cakey outer layer.

The most famous story behind this iconic molten chocolate dessert says that it’s been created by the French Chef Michel Bras in 1981, inspired by those freezing cold winter nights in which he and his family would sit around a table enjoying a cup of hot chocolate to warm up their bodies and minds.

Whoever invented the chocolate fondant, we highly recommend trying this visually stunning, emotionally heart-warming dessert.

Servings: 6 people
Time: 25 minutes



180 g Dark chocolate (62%)
120 g Unsalted butter
120 g White sugar
90 g Bread flour
150 g Egg


  1.  Slowly melt butter with the chocolate
  2.  Whisk the egg with sugar and flour
  3.  Add the chocolate/butter mix and whisk all together
  4.  Take a mold and carefully butter all the edges
  5.  Fill the dough into the mold and bake it for 15 minutes / 160C.

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