A Global Experience: Cross-cultural Relationships Forged between SHL and ACAC

These days, the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia is the centre for cross-cultural learning and innovation. Two students, Eva Lorenz and Christopher Spirig, from the Swiss Hotel Management School Lucerne (SHL) are on internship at the ACAC, offering their skills and experience to Academy students, and gaining new experiences and skills of their own.

Cross-Cultural Learning At ACAC

Christopher and Eva SHL Interns at ACAC

Christopher Spirig (left) and Eva Lorenz are SHL students interning at the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia

“I really appreciate the opportunity to do my internship at the Academy of Culinary Arts and being part of the collaboration between the SHL and the ACAC,” Eva Lorenz said. “I’m looking forward to gaining experience working with students and sharing my knowledge about kitchen operation.”

After a semester studying at SHL, Christopher and Eva are now interning as kitchen instructors at the ACAC. Not only are they assisting the ACAC’s chef faculty team, they are also actively involved with ACAC students.

Christopher and Eva at ACAC
Christopher and Eva lead ACAC students in an exercise in the ACAC’s kitchen.

Innovation Provides Value for the Future

“My goal is to pass on some theoretical as well as practical advice that I gained during my first semester in the SHL but also to grow in many different ways,” Eva said. “To work with such open-minded and ambitious teachers and students is a privilege and makes me feel like putting effort into a project that is innovative and valuable for the future of our generation.”


The Impact of International Collaboration

The value of international collaboration and shared learning cannot be understated.

“For the next months, I am looking forward to becoming an integral part of this school and this country,” Christopher said. “This experience will surely enhance and deepen my cooking abilities as well as my communication and teamwork skills.”

Sharing in cross-cultural learning and international collaboration is core to the Academy’s vision and educational philosophy.

“I am very grateful that through the partnership between our school (SHL) and the ACAC, I have received the opportunity to do an internship in Cambodia,” Christopher said. “I just love to learn more about the people and culture and I find it fascinating to live and work in Cambodia with a range of individuals from various parts of the world.”


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