Student Corner – Prasit Chakhana’s journey to become a chef

Every student who comes to ACAC has a different story. We are very pleased to feature our first Student Corner Profile – Prasit Chakhana! This is her journey to become a chef.

Prasit Chakhana’s Story: The Journey to Become a Chef

I am Prasit Chakhana. My passion for cooking began when I realized that I could express my country’s rich culture through culinary arts and not just only through a form of media. I love cooking because of the amazement when you combine flavours together to create a new taste. The fact that you can change one dish by just adjusting a few things will always fascinate me.

I want to study this subject and with the Academy because I trust that the Academy will teach me about general and scientific food knowledge and of course the culinary arts. I want to be able to create my own dishes that represent my country’s dignity. I feel like our country’s fine dining and culinary arts sector is still lacking so it is up to our generation to study culinary arts and express our identity through foods.

Prasith Chakhana's Journey to become a chef
Lao Prasith Chakhana in the ACAC Kitchen

Currently, I am a student of the 2-year diploma course in ACAC. I am so proud of being a part learning and having good communication with people. Especially, I practice a lot and enjoy eating what I have made.

Student Life at ACAC

About the school, from the first day of induction week until now I feel like I belong here. The environment of the school is very welcoming and encourages you to study harder. With professionally skilled faculty staff and instructors, my goal is easily reached because they always wanted the best out of us. They lead us, guide us and teach us not only to be a great chef with skills but a great chef with morality and developed-self. In addition, I get to study with international standards and modern equipment in the kitchen which makes it easier to understand each process of cooking.

“I love practical class the most because it taught me about team work and skill application “

Prasith Chakhana's Journey to become a chef
Lao Prasith Chakhana after Practical Class

A chef has patience and creativity

Along the way, I have learned a few things about food, the process of cooking, and the impact it makes on our mind, body, and soul during good times and bad times. Food is the most fundamental of needs for our survival and almost every major event in our lives revolves around it.

The process of making food has taught me to be mindful, embrace creativity, and push for mastery.


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