Press Conference CAMFOOD & HOTEL 2023

The CAMFOOD & HOTEL 2023 is Cambodia’s leading international Food, Beverage & Hotel Exhibition, and to be held at the Diamond Island Exhibition and Convention Centre (DIECC), Koh Pich, Phnom Penh from 14-16 September 2023.

In 2023, Cambodia’s tourism industry has made an impressive comeback after the covid 19 pandemic, with the Minister of Tourism, His Excellency Thong Khon, announcing an expected total number of 4.5 million and 16 million domestic tourists travelling to or within the Kingdom this year.

In recent years, food and beverage has become a widely discussed topic and an essential part of the tourism industry. The consumption of local food and drinks, for instance, brings visitors closer to the unique and authentic spirit of the host culture while high-end restaurants and awards will attract a more solvent clientele, willing to spend larger amounts of money for their culinary experiences. Food and beverage services are considered as one of the four main important services in the tourism sector, complementing lodging, transportation and entertainment. It is a key element contributing to the visitors’ travelling experience and the power of the hospitality industry is essential to the overall economic development of a tourist destination.

Therefore, one of the destinations’ main goals is to make local food and beverage products part of the overall tourism experience and the industry needs to consistently improve the quality and develop a variety of offers addressing different needs and expectations.

As a response and with the aim to further advance Cambodia’s hospitality sector, the CAMFOOD & HOTEL Expo had dedicated itself to connecting industry players for over a decade, and this year’s edition will continue to do the same. Food & hospitality businesses looking for healthy growth need to adopt key solutions to serve future demands and CAMFOOD & HOTEL 2023 serves as an ideal springboard to take businesses forward into the future.

The Press Conference of CAMFOOD & HOTEL was held at the ACAC premises and represented by Mr. Andrew Siow, CEO and AMB Tarsus Events Group, Mr. Somethearith Din, Representative of the Cambodia Tourism Federation, Mr. Arnaud Darc, President of the Cambodia Restaurant Association, Mr. Song Teng, President of the Cambodia Chef Society, Oknha Dararoth Rath, National President of Cambodia Hotel Association, Mr. Luu Meng, President of the Professional Institute of Excellence Association, and Mr. Bruno Cardone, Dean of the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia.

During the Press Conference, the core message and commonly mentioned goal was very clear:

“This event is about bringing quality, development and innovation to Cambodia. Everything and everyone shall be moving towards the one goal of improving standards across Cambodia’s hospitality and food & beverage industry.”

CAMFOOD & HOTEL 2023 is a comprehensive trade platform for all businesses in the food and hospitality industry, wherever they are along the supply chain. During the event, they will have the opportunity to promote their latest products and services to local professionals and customers.

Hosted by the Cambodia Tourism Federation, the event is expected to be attended by over 15,000 visitors over the 3 days.

Among many specialized sectors in the event, there will be hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, caterers, suppliers and more, representing today’s hospitality market.

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