Raising the bar of excellence in hospitality – Partner Profile

For over 100 years, Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern (SHL) has been raising the bar of excellence in the hospitality industry.

SHLHumble Beginnings

SHL’s story began in 1886 when a group of individuals concerned about professional education for hotel employees started the Union Helvetia, a new association with the goal of supporting and assisting employees in the service sector. It was from those humble beginnings that SHL was born.

As the hospitality industry boomed in Switzerland between 1880 and 1912, the demand for skilled workers also surged. It became clear that a hotel management school was needed to properly train staff and to help employees improve their career prospects, particularly in the off-season. In 1909, SHL was established as a non-profit foundation. Over the next century, it grew from a small employee support union to Switzerland’s first professional training academy for the hospitality sector.

Global Impact

Jump forward 130 years and SHL is recognized worldwide for its successful hands-on and practical hospitality management training. It opened a regional office in Singapore in 2013 to expand its knowledge and professional experience and to learn from Asian culture and hospitality.

Partnering with Cambodia

“SHL is very proud to be the technical partner of ACAC project.” – Bart Ferwerda, Regional Director for SHL Asia

In October 2015, SHL and the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia agreed to a powerful partnership. SHL is the technical training partner for the ACAC and has developed the Academy’s curriculum according to ASEAN and international standards.

“SHL is very proud to be the technical partner of ACAC project,” said Bart Ferwerda, Regional Director for SHL Asia, said to ACAC last year. “SHL can bring in its knowledge in conceptual work (curricula), train the trainer programs and the dual approach of learning: as much theoretical learning as needed – as much practical learning as possible. This unique approach provides future students with an excellent education and enables young people to enter the working world with a big ruck-sack of know-how, knowledge and very importantly, a lot of practical experience.”

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