The Private Island Life

SOY Ravy, Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

– What’s your favourite memory from your time at the ACAC?
My favourite memory is related to the people at the ACAC. I found it was so easy to connect with people and make friends because we all share a love of food and of cooking. And the Chefs are all amazing, you feel comfortable asking any questions you have, and they all have so much knowledge.

– Now that you are working at a High-End Resort, what are your biggest challenges?
One of the biggest challenges we encounter here is working under high pressure. In an exclusive place like here, the guest’s experience has the highest priority. From the mise-en-place to the serving of the final dish everything has to be done fast and perfect.

– What did you learn out of that challenge?
To deliver quality under high pressure you have to practice, stay focused and know what you are doing. And good cooperation with your team is essential. And once you have everything under control and the operations are smooth you will feel like a winner.

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