Top Careers in Hospitality and Tourism

Not only are the skills learned at the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia applicable to the culinary world, they transfer to the entire hospitality and tourism industry. This opens a world of opportunity to graduates from the ACAC. The hospitality and tourism sectors employ 1/10 people on the planet. And the numbers just keep growing.

Here are some of the top (non-culinary) career options for graduates from the ACAC


Catering, Food and Beverage Services

Whether you become a chef at a five-star restaurant or a senior manager for a catering company, the opportunities in the Food and Beverage sector are almost endless.


The airline industry continues to grow and the same optimism is expected in 2017 and beyond. Career opportunities in airlines range from management and coordination roles to sales at local and regional levels.

Cruise Staff

Globally, the cruise industry generates 39 billion dollars every year and hosts millions of passengers. In 2014, cruises offered over 900,000 jobs! From stewarding to housekeeping to kitchen staff, there are dozens of career options alone within the cruise industry. And another bonus – the chance to travel the world while you work.

Hotel and Resort Management

Cambodia alone has over 500 hotels. With travel to Cambodia expected to continue growing, the need for qualified, professional hotel and resort management staff is high.

Entertainment and Theme Parks

From Disneyland (Hong Kong and Tokyo, Japan) and Universal Studios (Singapore) to Siam Park City (Thailand), Legoland (Malaysia) and the Enchanted Kingdom (Philippines), Asia boasts plenty of opportunity for thrill and adventure. Career opportunities in the theme park world are many, varied and thrilling!

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