Why hospitality is the place to be

“The hospitality industry presents diverse career opportunities, and your prospects for a management position are excellent. Not only can you benefit from industry turnover, but most hotel chains have long-term expansion plans.”(Preparing for a Successful Career in the Hospitality Industry)

If you are looking for a varied and exciting career with lots of opportunities for growth and professional development, look no further than hospitality.

A Booming Industry

While the hospitality sector in Cambodia isn’t new by any stretch – the country has been welcoming regional and international tourists for 20 years – it has been expanding rapidly in the past five years. And it’s only going to get bigger.

Together with garment manufacturing and construction, services (hospitality and tourism included) continue to drive the Cambodian economy. (World Bank Cambodia Overview)

In 2015, travel and tourism in Cambodia generated KHR9.904.1 billion, 13.5% of GDP. This is expected to rise by 4.2% in 2016. The sector was also responsible for providing 12% of the country’s employment last year – over a million jobs. By 2026, it’s estimated that travel and tourism will account for 16% of Cambodia’s total employment. (World Travel and Tourism Report)

This mirrors the global trend in hospitality, a sector that in 2015 grew by 2.8%, generated USD 7.2 trillion and provided 2.84 million jobs.

The tourism trend in Cambodia also continues to grow, promising more and more opportunities to open in the sector. Already by mid this year, the number of international visitors are up 2.6% from last year at this time (Tourism Cambodia).

Seeking Skilled Workers

Choosing a lifelong career in hospitality can mean sustainable work, professional development, and career progression. Young Cambodians skilled in the culinary arts and hospitality will be in high demand in the coming years.

“As the industry continues to expand, the supply of experienced, talented staff struggles to keep pace with growing demand.” (B2B Cambodia)

While many positions in the hospitality sector are entry level, it is an industry that sees lots of movement at the higher levels. This gives the opportunity for career progression, new job openings, leadership prospects and upward mobility for Cambodian youth skilled in the culinary arts. (Metro Chicago Pathway Report)

The skills learned in professional culinary arts and hospitality training also form a bridge to other industries. “You can find employment opportunities in other industries that have human capital requirements similar to hospitality.” (Preparing for a Successful Career in the Hospitality Industry, Cornell University, 2011).

For an exciting, professional, varied and successful career, consider the culinary arts.

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