ACAC hosts Public-Private Partnership workshop

This week, the ACAC hosted a Public-Private Partnership workshop organized by Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Commerce.

Public-Private Partnership Workshop

The Public-Private Partnership Workshop drew together senior officials from the Government of Cambodia, and the private and development sectors.

The purpose of the workshop was to take stock of development interventions that have implemented by all stakeholders and discuss strategic ways to promote and sustain the ACAC moving forward.

Several key personnel from various Ministries were in attendance:

Secretary of State H.E. Pak Sokhom
Secretary of State H.E. Tekreth Kamrang
Secretary of State H.E. Hem Vanndy
Secretary of State H.E. Im Kock

Private sector and development agency representation

The private sector was represented by Mr. Pierre Tami, CEO of Shift 360 and founder of the ACAC. Mr. Magnus Saemundsson from SIDA attended the workshop, representing Development Agencies.

Collaboration among stakeholders

During the workshop, the ACAC provided an update on progress and challenges of implementing the first internationally-recognized culinary academy in Cambodia as well as the collaboration and contribution of key stakeholders.

Throughout the meeting, roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders, including the Government, Private Sector and ACAC Board of Directors were outlined and discussed. The group provided an update of the Public-Private Partnership’s Framework and deliberated the Risk Management Matrix of the ACAC.

The ACAC is Cambodia’s first Public-Private Partnership in the education sector. It draws together leaders from the Cambodian Government, business and non-profit sectors to address youth skills and unemployment in Cambodia. While Cambodia’s skills gap has been widely documented and reported, collaborative workshops like these are a step in the right direction towards the World Economic Forum’s recommendation of collaborative long-term strategy to effectively reduce this skills mismatch.

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