Welcome, New Students – The ACAC Spring Semester has Begun!

The new spring term 2022 at the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia has started off well, with a number of 44 new future culinary artists, full of motivation, emotions, and expectations.

Our ACAC team is thrilled to see you all joining our international community of students, faculty, admins, and alumni and it is our goal and mission to ensure that you have an inspired, challenged, and enlightened journey with us. We hope you participate in all of the great learning opportunities that the ACAC has to offer, both in the classroom and beyond. It will be a life-changing time for you that will shape the way you interact with the world from here forward.

In these 2 upcoming years you will grow personally and professionally, and you can expect:

  1. Hands-on training

Education that is theoretical and practical is at the heart of the ACAC’s approach. As a student, you will first learn the why and how and then practice, practice, practice. This is what makes a great industry professional!

  1. Interesting & passionate colleagues

No two students at the ACAC are the same. Each individual comes from a different family, a different background, and a different community. Each one of you is motivated by different values and has a different dream, goal, and reason for studying at the Academy. And those differences are a great strength. Each of you ACAC students is passionate and interesting, loves food and is eager to learn and succeed. Diversity at the Academy is motivating and exciting!

  1. International faculty with decades of combined experience

The ACAC’s eleven chef faculty have nearly 100 years of combined experience. They have travelled far and wide and practised with the best. Even more importantly, they believe in and are passionate about what they do. And now, they are passing their passion and expertise on to you ACAC students.

  1. Internationally recognized curriculum

The ACAC’s 2-year diploma program is recognized by ASEAN and the global community. Our curriculum, admission standards, academic regulations and operations are administrated by the Swiss Hotel Management School Lucerne (SHL) which guarantees our students the very best culinary arts education in Cambodia. When you gain your education with us, we will help you shoot for the stars.

  1. Skilled workers in a booming industry

What does Cambodia and the world need most? A skilled workforce – especially in the tourism and hospitality sectors. During your culinary studies, you will benefit from our extensive network of renowned industry partners, such as the Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra, Cambodia, the Domaine de Clairefontaine, France, or the Jumeirah Creekside, Dubai. Develop your professional edge with us, then go out and impact your world.

  1. Make your dream come true.

Whether it’s becoming a three-star Michelin chef, opening your own restaurant, or becoming a senior manager in an international hotel chain, the ACAC will equip you to pursue and achieve your dreams.

There might be moments during your learning journey in which you will doubt yourself and the career path you’ve chosen. There might be days of struggle, unforeseen challenges, and a lack of motivation. Sometimes you might think you will fail. But always remember, the only way you can fail is if you give up. And every time you fail, you come one step closer to success.

Believe in yourself, be courageous, work hard and work smart, give it your best, and your dreams will come to life. The success is yours.

From the entire ACAC team, we wish you all a great semester start and begin of your culinary journey!

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