6 reasons you should study at the ACAC

From expert faculty and internationally-recognized curriculum to excellent internships and hands-on learning options, the ACAC has something for everyone. These are our top six reasons for studying with us.

6 reasons you should study at the ACAC


1. Hands on learning.

Did you know that on the first day of classes, the ACAC’s very first cohort donned aprons and set to work preparing and serving the noon-day meal to a group of VIPs? Education that is theoretical and practical is at the heart of the ACAC’s approach. Students learn why and how and then practice, practice, practice. This is what sets makes a great professional!

2. Interesting, passionate colleagues

No two students at the ACAC are the same. Each person comes from a different family, a different background and a different community. Each person is motivated by different values and has a different dream, goal, and reason for studying at the Academy. But, those differences are a great strength. Each ACAC student is passionate and interesting, loves food and is eager to learn and succeed. Diversity at the ACAC is motivating and exciting!

3. International faculty with decades of combined experience

The ACAC’s four chef faculty have nearly 100 years of combined experience. They have travelled far and wide and practised with the best. Even more importantly, they believe in and are passionate about what they do. Now they are passing their passion and expertise on to ACAC students.

4. Internationally-recognized curriculum.

The ACAC’s 2-year diploma program is recognised by ASEAN and the global community. Our curriculum, admission standards, academic regulations and operations are administrated by the Swiss Hotel Management Academy Lucerne (SHL) which guarantees our students the very best culinary arts education in Cambodia. When you gain your education with us, we will help you shoot for the stars.

5. Skilled workers in a booming industry

What does Cambodia need most? A skilled workforce – especially in the tourism and hospitality sectors. Develop your professional edge with us, then go out and impact your world.

6. Make your dream come true

Whether it’s becoming a three-star Michelin chef, opening your own restaurant, or becoming a senior manager in an international hotel chain, the ACAC will equip you to pursue and achieve your dreams.

Still not convinced? Come and visit us – we’re happy to answer any questions and give you a tour of the facility. Or, come to our Open Day and see the student life first-hand.

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